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* Remove Garage door and infill with brick or         render to match existing construction                   materials.

* Install windows or doors.

*Create new internal door openings.

* Insulate ceilings,external walls and the floor.

* Screed or floating floor installed.

* All electrics and plumbing.

* New radiator or heater.

* New skirting and architraves.

* Clean the working area.

* All electrics carried out by part p regulations





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Garage Conversion Company

Planning permission is not normally required for a Garage Conversion in Essex or Suffolk,however Building Regulations are required for a habitable room.

However,there are occasions when that does not apply,and these instances are usually related to the fact that the property is a listed building.

Another reason why permission may be required is that something called permitted development rights have been removed from a property. This is a rare occurrence but can occur in new houses on estates.

Also a walk in bay that extends  past the property line will require a planning application.

The change of use from a garage to a habitable room will mean compliance with building notice to your council.

Building regs apply to ventilation,insulation,moisture proofing,fireproofing and escape routes.

The building inspector will want to inspect the windows,doors,dpm,insulation.

The existing garage floor will be strong enough however it will need a 1200 gauge damp proof membrane and rigid insulation of at least 75mm to meet the regulations.

External walls must meet the requirements in terms of moisture proofing and thermal barriers.

We tend to build another wall alongside the existing outer wall with a 50mm cavity,100 mm insulation,a vapour barrier and then plasterboard.


Garage2room Conversion Builders,

install a 1200 gauge DPM to the floor,followed by up to 75mm cellotex insulation and either a screed or chipboard flooring to finish.


Garage2room Garage Conversions - 

External facing walls have a 100mm  stud wall built,DPM were needed,with 100 mm rockwall insulation inserted or 100mm Cellotex insulation to provide adequate thermal *& soundproofing level,a polythene vapour barrie followed with 12.5mm plasterboard.


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Garage Conversion Ceilings have Wooden joist ceilings or MF metal suspended ceilings are filled with up to 300 mm of rockwool insulation and then plasterboarded in 12-15 mm thick soundproof and 1 hour fire resistant plasterboard.

Moisture resistant plasterboard to kitchen & bathrooms.