Garage2room  Garage conversion company,Chelmsford - Essex are a Family run Building company Specialising  in Garage Conversions,with a combined 120 years experience of interior Construction throughout Chelmsford,Essex and Suffolk

Garage2room Building Conversions Essex-Suffolk, have put these Interior Building skills to use in the Domestic market and now we only focus on Garage conversions & all aspects of building work from

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flat roofs

in Chelmsford,Brentwood,Essex area

Why Convert your Garage?

People tend to only use their Garage to store unwanted items.

This cold under utilised Garage space could be converted in to a warm welcoming Family Room or a much needed Guest Bedroom.You can release  the capital in your Garage and add from £15,000 to the value of your home.

With the rising cost of housing in Essex & Suffolk, and the added expense of moving,it is a wiser decision to Convert your Garage ​in to a habitable room.

Garage Conversions in Essex & Suffolk start from £300 per metre

Building Extensions in Essex & Suffolk start from £1800 per metre,so Garage conversions are a cheaper option and in most cases you do not need planning permission,only building regulations.

Garage2room Garage conversion company Essex-Suffolk, keep their costs down because all the trades they use are family members,with no need to subcontract work out.

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If you are looking for a different kind of building company,one that will offer the best advice and help you make decisions that will add value to your home without stressing you out,then congratulations,you are in the right place.

With Garage2Room 

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will be professionally carried out to the highest quality by Qualified  Builders.

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conversions add Property Value

As well as  the obvious lifestyle improvements a Garage Conversion has to offer,it has been estimated that the average garage Conversion adds up to £15.000 to the value of your home.Garages tend to be dead space so why not Convert your Garage to a warm welcoming family room.

We can typically Convert your Garage in 17 days.

Convert Garage 2 Bedroom

Convert Garage 2 Family room

Convert Garage 2 Kitchen

Convert Garage 2 Bathroom

Convert Garage 2 Study

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